Pink Ombre with Gold

Pink Ombre with Gold

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  • S/M: width 1”, Length 4 ft (5 – 60 lbs)

  • M/L: width 1”, Length 6ft (60 – 120 lbs)

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Crafted from 100% chemical free hand grown organic cotton, our leashes are designed to be both beautiful and seriously strong. Our hand spun cotton is weatherproof, hypoallergenic, durable, naturally elastic, lightweight, and is incredibly soft, making this leash the perfect stylish, sustainable, and safe outdoor accessory for your pup.


  • 100% organic hand spun cotton 

  • Glam gold threading accent 

  • Lightweight 

  • Strength tested materials

  • Can withstand tensile strength of up to 2,800 lbs

  • Hand dyed with 100% vegetable dye 

  • Chemical free

  • Solid brass 360 degree swivel snaphook and 1” diameter o-ring  

  • Each leash is finished with a hand stitched signature genuine leather Pink Papyrus tag

  •  Handmade with love 

Please Note: Because each leash is made and dyed by hand, there can be color variation between leashes of the same color along with variation in color from your screen


Wash with mild soap and water.


Nylon is a synthetic man-made fiber, in part derived from coal and petroleum. Due to its versatility, nylon is used extensively in both the fashion and pet industries. Even though nylon use is the norm, doesn’t mean it’s the best. The manufacture and use of nylon has several direct environmental impacts. 



No form of nylon is biodegradable; so once you no longer have a need for that worn down nylon leash, it’ll sit in a landfill for at least 30 years. Yikes!



Nylon is 3x more energy intensive than cotton to produce. Because nylon has such an extremely energy-hungry production process, it contributes to environmental degradation and global warming. 


Climate Change

Producing nylon creates nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that has significant contribution to global warming. Nitrous oxide is 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide!



Manufacturing nylon is a very thirsty process. Large amount of water are used for cooling the fibers, which can be a source of environmental contamination and pollution. Nylon is also not suited for use with natural dyes and lowest impact chemical dyes, meaning that the process of coloring the fiber also creates significant water pollution. 


We are committed to sourcing organic, environmentally friendly, and chemical free textiles for use in our leashes. To further reduce our footprint on the environment, we’ve forgone the use of heavy machinery and instead committed to hand crafting each leash. 


At Pink Papyrus we believe that caring about pups, people, and the planet are always in style.